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Armageddon Gear SCHMEDIUM oak

Armageddon Gear SCHMEDIUM  oak
Armageddon Gear SCHMEDIUM  oak
Armageddon Gear SCHMEDIUM  oak
Levertijd: 3 a 4 dagen
Voorraad: 3.00

Heavy sand fill 

A Shooting Bag So Good, You'll Have to 'Fess Up to Your Miss
What do you call a shooting bag that's not really small, but it isn't really medium, either? Well, the folks at Armageddon gave us the answer with the Schmedium Midsized Shooting Bag. This bag is built to split the difference between the company's Pintsized and OG bags, and it'll give you greater support, thanks to the unique size and heavy fill. In addition, the Schmedium comes with an all-new handle configuration that makes it easier to transition out of and into different shooting positions. With the Armageddon Gear Schmedium Midsized Shooting Bag, you'll also get a folded access pocket that allows you to adjust the amount of fill in the bag. Don't let the weight of this bag throw you off. At 8.5 pounds, sure, it's a little heavy, but what do you want more? A lighter bag or shots on target? This Schmedium bag gives your benchlike-precision when shooting off barricades because of its stability. Each Schmedium Midsized Shooting Bag from Armageddon Gear is filled with a silica-based subangular material. The bag measures 8x5x3 inches and features two nylon handles. The bag, like all of Armageddon Gear products, is made right here in the USA.
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