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Muzzle brake SAR2 (5/8x24UNF)

Muzzle brake SAR2 (5/8x24UNF)
Muzzle brake SAR2 (5/8x24UNF)
Muzzle brake SAR2 (5/8x24UNF)
Muzzle brake SAR2 (5/8x24UNF)
€ 105.99
Levertijd: 3 a 4 dagen
Voorraad: 4.00

Muzzle break 3 ports geschikt voor verschillende kalibers 
komt in 5/8*24 unf in verschillende cerakote kleuren leverbaar 

De break is voorzien van een lock nut hierdoor makkelijk zelf te instaleren 

The muzzle brake is a device that eliminates the negative effects of forces acting on the shooter and the weapon after the shot. It changes the direction of the flow of gases escaping during the shot from the barrel and thus compensates for the recoil and dampens the impact of the shot. Our SAR2 muzzle brake not only compensates for recoil and shot, but also prevents the weapon from bouncing after a shot.

The SAR2 muzzle brake is a highly effective three-chamber brake with an exhaust channel preventing the side of the weapon from bouncing, and its chambers are designed so that there is no negative exhaust of post-firing gases towards the shooter.

Of the technical parameters, it is definitely worth mentioning the easy installation and locking of the brake using a locking nut, the possibility of using a mirage band and a surface for easy placement of the spirit level during installation.

Key advantages of the SAR2 muzzle brake

  • Effective three-chamber muzzle brake
  • Exhaust duct preventing the side bounce of the weapon
  • There is no exhaust of post-fire fumes towards the shooter
  • Possibility of installing a mirage band (lents)
  • Quality locking nuts for easy installation
  • Precise workshop processing on CNC machines
  • Easy to install and use

Technical parameters

  • Length 66mm (2,598in)
  • Diameter 26mm (1,023in)
  • Thread M18x1 or 5 / 8x24UNF
  • Weight 124g (0,273lb)

Suitable for calibers

  • up to 6mm (cal. 243)
  • up to 7mm (cal. 265)
  • up to 7,90mm (cal. 308)
  • up to 9mm (cal. 338)

Supplied colors

  • Black (CERAKOTE - BLACK H-190)
  • Sand (COYOTE - CERAKOTE H-267)
  • Khaki (KHAKI - CERAKOTE H-232)
  • Pink (PINK - CERAKOTE H-224)

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