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Zero press

As the quality and precision of reloading equipment has advanced in the last few years Area 419 has watched companies overlook the core of the bench – the press. In late 2019 they began R&D on perfecting the precision reloading press – and we are happy to introduce the ZERO. It is the embodiment of our pursuit of ZERO tolerance reloading, with ZERO friction. The turret press also works toward ZERO variance in die setup. It will have ZERO equal on the market. Milled from all-American billet aluminum and stainless steel, this press moves with the help of 14 bearings, including a self-lubricating linear sleeve bearing, guiding the precision-ground 1.25″ ram with less than 0.0006″ of diametric clearance. Each press is hand measured and fitted, mating the ram and the bearing, ensuring the most precise ram stroke on the market – ZERO doubt about that. The linkage system will also glide on bearings and custom hardware which allows Area 419 to assemble the system with near-ZERO slop. The operation of the oversized ram, with the 0.75″ steel arm and ZERO-friction knob will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The turret system will be secured using an over-sized, custom-made ZERO-point pull-stud, and the turret will be located using an oversized ball-detent system. Changing the position of the turret from one die to another will require only a turn of a (supplied) t-handle. When indexing the turret, repeatability variance of the system will be less than 0.0005″. The opening in the press will allow for sizing and seating of cases up to 338LM and will accept standard 7/8″ dies and standard shellholders. Using factory shellholders there will be a small amount of float available to account for uncontrollable 3rd party tolerances with shellholders specifically fit to the system coming soon. They have designed a decapping/primer-catch system into the body of the press. A simple slide-out tray (with detent) will make this mundane process smooth, simple, and unobtrusive. The zero-slop turret head allows you to change between dies, eliminating the variability induced when removing and resetting dies The turret head allows the press to work with multiple die-attachments without goofy thread-stacking adapters 4.4” of available ram-stroke, allowing you to use it on cases up to 338 Lapua Magnum The extended ram position is more repeatable than any ram-style press on the market More efficient energy transfer from handle to ram via bearing-guided motion throughout the system Adjustable/interchangeable handle setup for maximizing leverage/feel based on operation Internally contained primer-catch system, eliminating baby food jars and surgical hoses hanging from your press Made in America, from American materials

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