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Brandit Optical kit for LRA

Brandit Optical kit for LRA
Brandit Optical kit for LRA
Brandit Optical kit for LRA
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Brandt Built Ocular Housing Anti Cant indicator works with your exisitng Long Range Arms Send It line of levels.


Our add on does not modify the original level simply remove the cover and install ours!


Our add-on kit allows you to mount the acutal level in any of the suggested orientations but gives you the flexability to mount it out of view( no more blocked turrets) Kit allows your level to be up to 12" away from your occular. if you need more than 12" run length we can set you up just send us a message. Our kit does not include any mounts for your send it level.


We also have found that using the same eye to focus on the reticle while simultaneously using it to pickup the cant indicator signal helps the shooter not lapse focus on the reticle


Our indicators saddling the bottom of the occular housing has the same benefit as a horizontal mounted level without the extra width that comes from levels mounted horizontally ( you can mount your level vertically and still get the horizontal indication on our end, indicators can be arranged however desired weather your one who likes to lean into to light to get to green or lean away you have the option)


Ambidexterity our mount provides a central viewpoint (Strong side or Support side you'll still be able to easliy know where your rifle is canted!)


Brandt built ocular housing will fit any ocular housing of 1.4"--2.188" diameter. housing length is about 1" front to back.


We offer two different kits our standard kit covers all scopes with Non rotating oculars 

( when you run your magnifcation the ocular housing is stationary ZCO, KAHLES,LEUPOLD,ETC..)  And a rotating kit for those who run a scope with a rotating ocular (when you turn your manifcation the ocular rotates

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