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The trimmer is fully machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and 300 series stainless. The unit is overbuilt from the ground up requiring minimal maintenance while providing years of hard use. The Tri Trim case trimmer includes one Henderson Precision Taper-Lock cutting head and one Brown & Sharpe-style collet. The following cutter heads are available. (224, 243, 25, 264, 277, 284, 308, 338).

o    Trims most standard calibers

o    Extremely consistent and will repeat to within 0.002″ with same brand brass

o    Brown & Sharpe-type collet

o    Taper-Lock cutter 14deg inside chamfer 30deg outside chamfer


The Gen 3 powered case trimmer uses a powerful single speed 220v DC motor.  The DC motor is extremely smooth and quiet and powers the spindle at around 1700rpms. Our enclosed aluminum motor mount shroud bolts directly to the bearing housing.  We have also designed a custom machined pulley that is belt driven.

The DC motor offers maximum torque at 1700rps where you need it most.  The DC motor also offers smoother and quieter operation.  The motor has an in-line on/off switch for easy control.

comes with one cutter head and collet off choise 

The dimensions for each Collet step shown below correspond to common case rim diameters

You can visit Forsters website and select (Search by Caliber) to find cartridges not listed 

Collet #1 – (.379, .473 & .532 Dia)
222 Rem. Mag, 223 Rem, 22-250, 220 Swift, 243 Win, 6mm Dasher, 6×47 Lapua, 6XC, 6mm B.R., 264 Win. Mag, 260 Rem, 6.5×47 Lapua,  6.5 Creed, 6mm Creed, 6mm SLR, 6.5×57 Mauser, 6.5mm Win, 6.5×55 Swede, 7×57 Mauser, 7mm Wby, 7mm-08, 280 Rem, 284 Win, 7mm Rem. Mag, 7mm B.R. Rem, 30-06, 308 Win, 300 Mag, 300 Rem. Ultra Mag, 300 Win, 300 WSM, 6.5PRC, 300PRC

Collet #2 – (.350, .418 & .506 Dia)

Collet #3 – (.356, .440 & .545 Dia)
6mm PPC, 6mm Krag, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8SPC, .224 Valkyrie 6mm ARC

Collet #4 – (.310 & .605 Dia)
300 Norma Mag, 338Lapua


The Tri-Trim Gen 3 Case Trimmer utilizes The Taper-Lock cutter head to create clean, consistent and completely trimmed cases in one operation. The cutter head has adjustable carbide blades that will last a lifetime and leave burr-free cuts on the mouth of the case. The Tri-Trim Gen 3 Case Trimmer itself is machined from 6061-t6 aluminum and a combination of 303 and 416 stainless steel. It has been engineered and manufactured 100% in America for a lifetime of service to the end user. It requires a user supplied power source for operation. This can be a corded hand drill or a drill press with an angle adapter. For mobile use a cordless hand drill can be employed as well.
Case preparation is a necessary evil in the reloading process. The trim operation for rifle cases is especially time consuming unless you are using a Tri-Trim Gen 3 Case Trimmer. It is designed from the ground up to make trimming cases easy, fast and accurate. The cartridge case it held by a Brown and Sharpe type collet by the rim. These types of collets are used in the machine tool world because of their accuracy and repeatability. There are 4 collets for the various cartridges one would reload for, from .224 to .338 Lapua and everything in between. The cartridge case is placed into the collet base first and held in place while the handle is tightened to secure the case for the trimming operation. It only takes about ten degrees of rotation for the handle to secure the case and this design holds the case in the same position regardless of the rim diameter for consistent trim length. The collet assembly is mated to a carriage machined from solid 6061-t6 bar stock and precision fit to ground and polished stainless rods. The spindle is machined from stainless steel and rides in a set of sealed ball bearings which are press fit into the bearing housing which is also machined from solid 6061-t6 bar stock. All the aluminum parts are anodized.   All the fasteners are black oxide coated and sourced locally.

The Tri-Trim Gen 3 Case Trimmer will come with one cutter head and collet for the desired cartridge and will need to be set up before use. Before any adjustments are made to the Tri-Trim Gen 3 Case Trimmer, make sure the power source has been removed. The protective cover may be removed for the adjustment procedure by must be used while in operation to prevent injury to the user. The Taper-Lock cutter head is factory set. If the carbide blades need adjustment, it is advised to return the cutter head to Henderson Precision for adjustment. To set the length, insert a cartridge case into the respective collet and tighten handle. Gently push the handle forward toward the cutter head until the mouth of the case passes over the pilot and touches the blades. There are four socket head cap screws supplied with the trimmer. With the case mouth touching the cutting blades, hold one of the screws up against the stop with the threads toward the cutter head. With the head of the screw touching the carriage stop there should be about ½” of threads that can screw into the spindle housing stop rod. Retract the carriage and screw in the correct stop screw. Make sure the lock nut is backed off far enough to allow the case to touch the cutter when assembled. Once the stop screw is adjusted to allow the case to, once again, touch the cutter blades tighten the lock nut up against the stop rod. This is a coarse adjustment and should only take about five minutes. Install the protective cover and power source and attempt to trim your case by pushing it toward the cutter head. If it does not trim remove the power source loosen the lock nut and turn the lock screw in a small amount and attempt another trim cycle. Repeat as necessary until the cartridge case is trimmed and then measure and adjust as needed to attain the desired length. Once the length is set it will not need to be adjusted again. When changing to another cartridge just loosen the lock nut and remove the lock screw as an assembly. It can be marked for the cartridge it was used for and then used again when needed.
The Tri-Trim Gen 3 Case Trimmer is designed to work in many configurations. It can be powered by an electric hand drill, cordless drill or motor unit.  Optimum drill speed is around1700rpms but a range of 1400-1800rpms may be used, not exceeding 1900rpms.  It is preferable to screw or clamp it to your work bench. When in proper position for use, the Tri-Trim Gen 3 Case Trimmer will be positioned on a bench with the cutter head facing toward the operator. When facing it, the cutter head will rotate in a counter-clockwise direction. The power source will be turning clockwise. Install your favorite hand drill to the spindle shaft and set the handle down on the bench on the right side of the trimmer as you are facing it. Turn on the drill and lock the trigger down for continuous operation. Insert a clean and sized cartridge case into the collet and rotate the handle clockwise, hand tight to secure the case. Gently push the handle toward the cutter until the cutter head engages the case mouth. At this point you will feel the cutting action. When you no longer see or feel the cutting action, retract the carriage and loosed the handle to remove the case.  It is recommended to measure the cases randomly to make sure all adjustments are secure. Once adjusted, The Tri-Trim Gen 3 Case Trimmer will repeat within +or- .002” with the same brand of brass. Enjoy your new Tri Trim Gen 3 Case Trimmer and if you have any questions, make sure to contact us.

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