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MDT bipod GRND Black

MDT bipod GRND  Black
MDT bipod GRND  Black
Levertijd: 3 a 4 dagen
Voorraad: 2.00
The MDT GRND-POD Bipod was created with the aim of maximizing versatility and cost-effectiveness, while still retaining the key features that were deemed most important based on your feedback for a precision rifle bipod.

Once we had established the overall design direction and received approval for the bipod, we delved deeper into specific bipod features. This included adjustable leg lengths, adjustable cant with customizable tension, bipod legs that can be swiftly and easily deployed, and, of course, a focus on stability and strength. Throughout this process, we explored new materials and manufacturing techniques that were unfamiliar to us. We were determined to incorporate all of these features at a reasonable cost, and we refused to stop until we had achieved our project goal.

Introducing the MDT GRND-POD, a high-quality bipod that offers premium features without the premium price tag.



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