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Ulfhednar magholder

Ulfhednar magholder
Ulfhednar magholder
Ulfhednar magholder
Levertijd: 3 a 4 dagen
Voorraad: 1.00

Ulfednar develop equipment, clothing and accessories for hunting, PRS, long range and other field shooting and are the largest supplier for shooting sports in Norway.​ Ulfhednar use the best materials for their products  which are made for hard use in the Arctic climate.

Universal magazine holder for belt or Molle attachment. Molle fastening on the back (can also be attached to a standard belt). Made of weather-resistant Cordura (R).

Space for up to 2 short action magazines. Pictured here with two Sauer 200 STR/ Tikka T3x magazines (mags, belt and other accessories not included). Comes with “inside walls” that can be moved and adjusted to fit most rifle magazines.

Note: As a general guide it will fit 2 x AICS compatible short action 10rd mags with ease. It will also fit long action magazines but will only fit one as the divider will need to be removed due to the magazine length.


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