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Wilson chamber type micro seating dies

Wilson  chamber type micro seating dies
€ 135.00
Levertijd: levertijd 1 week
Voorraad: 3.00

Chambertype dies van het merk Wilson verkijgbaar in verschillende kalibers 
De wilson dies zijn gemaakt van inox en uitgevoord met een micro verstelling van 0,001 inch 

This matrix is ​​recognized as the favorite of bench rest shooters around the world.

The cartridge is housed inside the die chamber ensuring perfect alignment.
The case and the bullet are completely incorporated and aligned inside the cylinder before the positioning pin is lowered to sink the nose cone into the case.
This type of matrix works more accurately than the classic die on the market, and is also equipped with a micrometer with intervals of 0.001 inches thanks to which it is possible to precisely and reliably set the correct insertion of the ball. wilson dies must be used with an arbor press.

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