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CZ 457 trigger resistance springs

CZ 457 trigger resistance springs
Levertijd: 3 a 4 dagen
Voorraad: 1.00
A set of springs used to reduce the resistance of the CZ 457 trigger and increase its accuracy.

The set includes two springs, with the trigger spring reducing the factory resistance of the trigger by -50% and the impact spring, which has a 10% higher resistance. Using the trigger spring, you can reduce the trigger resistance to 0.5 kg.

A stronger impact spring, on the other hand, speeds up the operation of the firing pin and thus contributes to a shortening of the firing time and a greater consistency of ignition of the match composition. The whole set therefore serves not only to reduce the resistance of the CZ 457 trigger, but also to increase the accuracy of the CZ 457 small-bore rifle.
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